Understanding the ASPA Connected Community

We want you to understand the importance of the program to the independent provider.

ASPA Connected Community is conducting Web seminars to help you understand the value of being part of this new service. Learn more about:

What is the ASPA Connected Community
How are we bringing independent physicians together
Why are we doing this as a physician led physician, managed organization
We will give detail on each of these topics. However, we want you to understand 4 key things:

We view the ASPA Connected Community as the single biggest factor to helping independent providers continue to survive reform as independent practices.
We are not just an ACO and we are not tied to any health system. Our intent is to provide a clinically-integrated network of independent providers to secure commercial, AHCCCS, Medicare FFS and Medicare Advantage contracts that financially reward us for improved care and outcomes.
We are not accepting any risk. There is no risk to your practice. We are only accepting contracts that pay FFS plus give an incentive payment for improved care and outcomes as well as effective management of unnecessary/duplicative costs and services.
This is an optional service. We believe this is extremely valuable, but if you opt out, you will continue to benefit from all other ASPA contracts and services.
Go to WWW.ASPAConnectedCommunity.com to register.

Free Webinars – For more details simply click on the Webinar and Live Events link.

You are invited:

Thursday, August 25th, 2016

Dinner starts at 6:30pm Sponsored by SimonMed

The Clarendon Hotel

401 W. Clarendon Avenue Phoenix AZ 85013

Reserve your seat by email at maria@azspa.com