ASPA Empowered Healthcare Services, LLC (ASPA Empowered), is owned and operated by the Arizona State Physicians Association (ASPA). ASPA Empowered exists to provide practice support and practice services designed to help the independent practice:

  1. Pursue new revenue opportunities
  2. Meet Payor compliance and reporting initiatives to maximize payments
  3. Provide support services and resources to help extend the capability and capacity of the practice
  4. Access new care delivery and support tools to provide better and more coordinated patient care
  5. Provide services that help streamline practice efficiency and lower overall practice costs

All of the services are provided at a reasonable cost designed to meet the budgetary needs of small practices. The intent of ASPA Empowered is to promote physician independence and help the independent practice thrive in the rapidly changing healthcare environment.

ASPA Empowered also supports ASPA Connected Community, the physician-led and physician-managed Accountable Care Organization (ACO) also owned by ASPA. As a preferred supplier of services, ASPA Empowered provides many of the same practice services to the ACO clinically integrated network of providers.

Key ASPA Empowered Services include:

  • ASPA Empowered Billing Service: Learn More: High-quality billing support service for your practice at a low and predictable price point. Contact us for more information.
  • ASPA Empowered Chronic Care Management (CCM) Service: Comprehensive and managed CCM program with ASPA Empowered providing all technology, processes and care management resources to conduct high revenue program for your practice. Contact us for more information.
    • ASPA Empowered Annual Wellness Visit Service: Offered in conjunction with the CCM service or as a stand-alone service, we provide an extension of your practice to conduct wellness visits under your control in your practice. Net new revenue without expanding your practice. Learn More
  • ASPA Empowered MIPS Support Service: Comprehensive MIPS advisory, setup, education, technology support and reporting service for all MIPS elements. Maximize your positive payment adjustment. Learn More
    • ASPA Empowered Security Risk Assessment Service: Facilitated and proven process for conducting the required SRA in compliance with MIPS program (This is an important measure). Offered in MIPS Service or separately as an SRA-only Service. Learn More
    • ASPA Empowered MIPS as a Virtual Group Service: Using the ASPA Empowered MIPS Service, organize one or more practices into a virtual group and report as a “group” or independent practices. Reap the benefits of reporting as a group. Contact us for more information.
  • ASPA Empowered Population Health Management (PHM) Service: Access to sophisticated population health management tools, care management tools, referral management tools and patient longitudinal data to better serve your patient population. Contact us for more information.
    • ASPA Empowered Ambulatory Clinically Integrated Network Access Service: This service, provided in combination with the PHM Service, provides voluntary access and collaboration with the ASPA Connected Community clinically-integrated network of providers. This will help your practice with day to day care delivery and performance on many MIPS performance measures including most notably practice Improvement Activities and Cost Performance. Contact us for more information.

ASPA Empowered Healthcare Services manages an Ambulatory Network of clinically and financially aligned healthcare and ancillary service providers including:

    • Primary Care Physicians
    • Specialist Physicians
    • Non-Physician practitioners
    • Ambulatory Surgical facilities*
    • Home Health
    •  Hospice
    • Palliative Care
    • Transitional Care
    • Lab and imaging facilities
    • Long Term care Facilities*
    • Other healthcare service providers*

* Introducing new alignments in Q1-Q2 2018