Volunteering & Health Awareness Resources

Addiction Resource
Raises awareness on the dangers of addiction and helps local communities stay drug-free

American Society of Addiction Medicine
Promotes drug abuse prevention and treatment

Teen Drug Abuse Resources for Parents
Provides parents with the information they need, to be guiding lights for their children and teens regarding drug and substance abuse.

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic: Opioid Abuse in America
This article examines the opioid epidemic in detail and addresses the psychological underpinnings of the crisis.

Drug Rehab & Alcohol Detox
Bedrock Recovery Center

A GoodRx Guide to Mental Health for Teens

Providing Hope for Mesothelioma Patients
Mesothelioma Hope

Online Safety for Women and Girls: A Guide to Combating Online Harassment
VPN Guru

Facts About Mental Illness
Discover the facts about the most common mental health issues and their impacts

Talking to Teens About Drugs and Alcohol: A Guide for Parents
Josyln Law Firm

Opiates: From Prescription to Street Drugs
Wavelengths Recovery

Addiction in Children: Are There Early Warning Signs?
Delphi Behavioral Health Group

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers Directory

Tobacco Resources Online — Fact Sheets
Pacific Medical Training

5 Types of Alcoholics
Addiction Group

Mental Health and Sports
Southern California Sunrise Recovery Center

Additional Resources

Community Information and Referral Services
If you are in need of services including emergency shelter, food boxes, eviction prevention, substance abuse treatment or other community based services in Maricopa County, please dial 2-1-1 or visit their website: https://211arizona.org/maricopa/